Think Agile – The Agile Learning Framework Intro
Discover effective solutions for Government, Private Sector, HR, Recruitment, Leaders, Managers and Trainers working with nationalization, Emiratization, Qatarization programs. Emarise takes a truly holistic approach to understanding the single most important challenge facing the Middle East. Strategy, Recruitment Support, On-boarding, Coaching, Training and Innovation services help individuals and organizations redefine the challenge and realise the regions huge opportunity in its people.
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Think Agile – The Agile Learning Framework Intro

The Emarise Agile Learning Framework underpins everything we do.  It creates unique and impactful learning experiences that leave enduring impressions upon delegates.

At Emarise, we know that for a change of perspective to occur, delegates must experience something new, fresh, emotional, and challenging in a rich, engaging and interactive way.

Agile Learning, a term evolved from the software development industry, focuses on flexibility, applicability, and collaboration. Course content is the product of Emarise research, experience, and cultural understanding together with your experiences, impressions, knowledge, and understanding – together, you become the change that others will follow.

A typical workshop is busy, full of movement as people form and re-form different teams, responding to powerful questions that challenge their thinking, growing and learning together.

At the end of each workshop, delegates leave with a blueprint, an action plan of what-to-do-next developed from many diverse and collaborative activities, resulting in a shift in perspective and sometimes, beliefs.
And did I mention that we also have a lot of fun along the way?!