You’re Interested In Developing A Course With Emarise.

Emarise works with organizations directly or with training providers to develop custom courses that leverage the Emarise Agile Learning Framework.


Emarise specialises in delivering courses for multi-cultural groups and nationals. Our courses can be delivered in English and/or Arabic.


Discover what it means to deliver truly impactful learning to your people; work with Emarise today on your next custom course.

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Motor City

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 50 779 6194


If we receive an email from you via our website or directly, we will respond within 24hrs.


Following initial emails, we'll make a time to talk on the phone to better understand your needs.

Initial Meeting

Once we have spoken on the phone and understood your needs, we'll have an initial meeting to progress the opportunity.


For larger engagements, we will spend more time working with you and your wider team to develop a delivery roadmap.