Discover effective solutions for Government, Private Sector, HR, Recruitment, Leaders, Managers and Trainers working with nationalization, Emiratization, Qatarization programs. Emarise takes a truly holistic approach to understanding the single most important challenge facing the Middle East. Strategy, Recruitment Support, On-boarding, Coaching, Training and Innovation services help individuals and organizations redefine the challenge and realise the regions huge opportunity in its people.
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Growing and Harnessing Cultural Harmony and Innovation To Develop People, Organizations and Nations

Governance and Strategy Alignment. Management Consulting and Projects.

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Social Engagement and Education. Management Consulting and Projects.

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Cultural Resilience and Transitions. Programs, Workshops and Events.

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Talent Acquisition and Management. Consulting, Programs and Events.

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Cross-Culture Learning and Development. Workshops, Training and Events.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Strategy, Incubation and Events.

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85M Jobs Needed In 10 Years

MENA Region

Nationalization Must Increase 20-30x

Gulf Region

50%+ Graduates Want Public Sector Jobs

September 2015

Salary Level #1 Factor In Job Choice

September 2015

Emarise Is A Research, Training and Development Organisation

working with individuals, organisations and governments in the Middle East to develop better outcomes in education, early-stage careers and productivity in work

Vision and Mission

Our Focus


Emarise focuses on the key areas of the developmental journey every individual makes on the way to developing a productive life in work.

Our Work


Our work and research supports the development of cultural fluency and soft-skills in individuals and increasing the awareness and cultural sensitivity of families, communities, schools and organisations that are raising, educating, and employing Arab Nationals.

Our Goal


Our goal is to increase the number of Nationals working productively in the private and innovation sectors by 10% every year across the region.

Programs and Services


Our programs and services are based on 20+ years of teaching Arab Nationals and cultural research in the Middle East.

Family and Community Engagement

The program highlights and provides practical steps to families and communities so they understand the critical role they play in supporting Nationalization. The participants embark on a culturally rich journey where they learn practical skills that empower them to guide youth toward successful lives in business and the private sector.

Integrated Soft-Skill Development

A program for schools and colleges to integrate soft-skill development into the curriculum. By increasing student exposure to soft-skill development and incorporating it into the classroom and everyday learning experience, the program lowers the barrier for schools and teachers to provide the very skills National job-seekers and graduates are lacking.

Border Crossing Index

The Border Crossing Index was developed and used as part of PhD research on the transition of young Arab Nationals from school, to college and into the workforce. The index is used by job-seekers and organisations to gain a better understanding of how ready they are to transition into a new / foreign culture.

Consultancy and Research

Our consultancy and research focuses on youth, education, early-stage careers, nationalization and cultural transitions, communication and leadership in the workplace.  We work with public and private organisations to solve key challenges and develop answers to questions in our practice areas.

Work Readiness

Our Work Readiness program for Arab Nationals is designed to address the cultural challenges and develop soft-skills in those who want to thrive in the early-stages of their careers. This program is delivered through a mix of online and offline learning tools over a 4 to 12 week period depending on requirements.

Emarise: A New Way To Learn and Grow


Provide relevant, actionable and transformational support to your people and organisation. Don’t wait for change, be the change that leads the way. The wise choose Emarise.


The Building Blocks For Change

Emarise has broken the Nationalization challenge into a number of areas that combined provide a platform for change and improvement.

Governance and Strategy

Social Engagement and Education

Cultural Resilience and Transitions

Talent Acquisition and Management

Continuous Learning and Development

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“Human capital is the real wealth of this country, before and after oil.”


Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates

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The Emarise Way


Emarise delivers meaningful and transformative training, underpinned by a Learning-through-Doing facilitation style which enables each delegate to take away a comprehensive action plan that will drive success in the private and public sectors throughout the Middle East.


Drawing on research, experience and cultural understanding, Emarise curates interactive workshops and training programmes that address real challenges and harness opportunities an organisation faces internally and externally.


Our belief is that through cultural and educational training, Emarise can support the continued growth and success of one of the most exciting regions on Earth.


“We do not need to change the regulations, the market or the working hours, but the mind-set of decision-makers.  If Emiratis continue to be made to feel they are a burden and a quota, they are unlikely to take up jobs in the private sector, preferring to move to more secure government positions.”

Customer Satisfaction

Our delegates believe in the Emarise way

“I really enjoyed your workshop. Honestly, I was waiting for you to say something incorrect but everything you mentioned was right on point with the reality of this region.”
Police Dept. Major

Emarise enables your organisation to grow and prosper through the empowerment of your people